How to Submit an Entry

Feel free to submit an entry to either list. Your entry will not appear for quite some time because each one is thoroughly reviewed for accuracy. You cannot post anonymously Your listing will be marked "posted by XYZ", and you must have a valid website link to which readers may refer to. This is verified using "Whois". We will seldom notify you of denial or acceptance, it will just appear, or not.

Simply write an email to the address below and put in the subject bar "New Entry". Name your candidate and a brief description as to why the candidate is suggested for the particular list. The reasoning must have something remotely to do with Noble Individualism, constitutionality, and general patriotism. As in reality their are many Noble and ignoble souls, we are here to only list a specific type. However if you make a good argument . . . we may make an exception.

Feel free to include a specific URL for candidates if you wish readers to see large amounts of data, documents, videos etc. on that canadate. Suspect sites, entries, etc. will not even be considered, nor will childish reasonings. Thanks.