What The Heck Is Going On?


Why is the economy crashing? Why are our freedoms diminishing? Why is the TV an NEWS dumbed down? Why do We the People have no control over the government? . . .


"What the Heck is going on" is what so many are finally starting to ask. The many of us who have been trying to show core faults and serious issues of the current system, may finally be getting some reinforcements! The Videos below will give you enough information to do your own research, as things now develop daily, if not hourly, in these critical times. Please also see the brief disinformation section, as it will give you a few tools to navigate through the maze of Lie spun around the globe.


In addition to these videos you should see the Know Your Liberties section and ACTS Which Take Your Rights. Thanks.


FIRST: a 5 min, slightly vulgar, preliminary video


The first priority is to understand REAL economics. For that purpose, watch these videos on the Federal Reserve: FED1(49min), , FED2(48min), FED3(3hr30min)

and this one on Fractional Reserve Lending: FED1B(47min) (1 of 5)

Next realize the power and control the above gives certain people. They can thereby fund massive operations, and influence the minds of many, be it Media, Politicians, Judges, Assassins etc.

With and for this Power, the Media is easily corrupted: Media1(4min), Media2(8min), Media3A(42min) Media3B(1hr15min) Bonus video! : Censored

If certain people cannot be bought, or manipulated by a corrupted media, they are often frightened into doing the will of these controllers. "Terror" events are often staged, to get specific legislation passed, or to go to War. The profits of War are astronomical to the bankers and military suppliers. To desire War seems Idiocy to the normal human mind, but to these Monsters it means PROFIT. Here are some Examples:

Terr1(35min), Terr1B(2hr 10min), Terr2A(31 min), Terr2B(11min)

A similar terror and coverup technique is used to force you to pay Income Tax, which most Americans actually are NOT liable for! History's greatest fraud. Learn The truth about Income Tax(1hr52min), Tax2(20min), Tax2B(1hr27min), Tax3(2hr), Tax3B(1hr27min)

One should also understand the possible goals of The United Nations. UN1(47min) which has close ties to The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR):

CFR1(10min), CFR2(60min),

One should also be aware of the corporate desire for war and land conquest: Corp1(4min) Corp2 (3hr)

There are plenty of videos on the net, just google search any of these topics. Now that you watched all of these, I hope you will peruse this site and its many links and meet allies and gain even more knowledge.

All I ask is that you try to "wake up" your friends and neighbors to the Very Real Threat on their Civil Liberties and Constitution. I stress the seriousness of this matter. I end with this concluding video:

Say Goodbye to Tolerance!

See the Plan of MEGA-REFORM

or some Suggested Reform Bills