A Seceding Government


     There is all sorts of nonsense about Seceding from the union due to various reasons.  First, let the reader be aware that this is exactly what the colluding, treasonous entities within our government want, and doing so  would be playing right into their hands.  Second, the “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” will instantly come true.  Third “By abolishing the free system of English laws in a neighboring province, establishing therein and arbitrary government, so as to render it at once and example and fit instrument for introducing the SAME absolute rule into these colonies” – Declaration of Independence.    That mechanism would be immediately used within any succeeding state.

     The fact is that THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT itself has ALREADY SECEDED from the union by not obeying the petitions of the people which are its masters, and not following the constitution which is its only ability.  When your dog does not obey, and runs out of the yard, it can be said that the dog is not loyal and that it is out of its jurisdiction and thus needs replaced, even if it returns home.  YOU DON’T BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN BECAUSE OF A BAD DOG! 

     Do not jeopardize the union because the government is corrupt, jeopardize those who are corrupt!!  To do anything else would be idiocy.  Hold the union sacred, and bring to justice the criminals.  If you secede and simply leave the neighboring province which you have conveniently succeeded from filled with corrupt leaders. . . do you really think that they won’t extend their corruption into your, oh so impenetrable new government?  Bah!

     Bring them ALL to justice immediately and stop dragging feet with impotent petitions and discussion forums!  For Whatever it is that the people are now calling “the federal government” is naught but an imposter, a rouge government of pirates.  We have no government, for IT has seceded!  Realize that it “… has excited domestic insurrection among us (ideas of secession just one example) and has endeavored to bring upon our frontiers the merciless Indian savages” (Mexican drug gangs).  -  the Declaration of Independence.


We all know who the culprits are, stop dragging feet!  Keep your head on straight and demand JUSTICE not secession!